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Construction Status

1110 Roadwork: SAP 009-090-004 CSAH 7 Bike/Ped Trail - Along CSAH 7 between CSAH 5 (University Rd) and CR 115 (Pinewood Dr) Estimated End Date: 07/31/2019
UPDATED 05-22-2019 MNH: The contractor has begun construction operations with clearing and grubbing smaller trees and brush. Work will progress with stripping the topsoil from slopes and ditches. Work is dependent on weather conditions. The contractor expects to work between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday and on Saturdays as determined by the Contractor. Traffic will be reduced to one lane at various locations throughout the length of the project. The travelling public should anticipate and will encounter delays.
1504 Roadwork: SAP 009-608-019 Bituminous Surface, Aggregate Shoulders, Pavement Markings - On CSAH 8 between CR 145 in Holyoke and McDowell Rd Estimated End Date: 10/29/2018
2018-011-05: Expect Minor Delays during striping operations. Paving and shouldering operations are complete. Contractor to install interim pavement markings (center line, No Passing Zone and edge lines). MNH