Carlton County Transportation Department

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Planning Projects

These projects are not yet open for bid and are subject to change
Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Anticipated Bid Date
0610 (subject to change) CP 009-113-002 (subject to change) CP 009-113-002: Grade, Widen, Bit Surface On CR 113 from N Co Line in...  Dec 2019
1017 (subject to change) SAP 009-621-004 (subject to change) SAP 009-621-004 Bituminous Surface, Aggr Shoulders,... On CSAH 21 (Swede Lake Rd) from CR...  Dec 2019
1534 (subject to change) SAP 009-604-038 (subject to change) SAP 009-604-038 Repair slide area 2188' E of T-365... On CSAH 4, 2188 Ft E of T-365...  Jan 2019